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Journal of Phone Sex

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But Honey, I thought you wanted DP action Mar. 11th, 2005 @ 10:23 am
Wife leaves man with two penises

A German who persuaded doctors to give him a second penis has lost his wife after he showed her the result.

Biker Michael Gruber, 40, lost his original penis in a motorbike accident and doctors built him a second one using a mixture of skin, bone and other tissues from his own body.

The penis worked so well that he was even able to father a child with his wife Bianca, 25, and their son Etienne was born last year.

But Gruber was still not happy and asked doctors to repeat the operation and build him a better organ, to which they agreed.

However, before removing the first penis doctors said they needed to make sure the new tissue transplant was a success, and had to leave the first penis in place.

Dr Markus Kuentscher, a plastic surgeon at Berlin's Accident Hospital, said: "We left the old one attached until the new one is properly supplied with blood."

But when Gruber showed his wife his double penis, she went home, packed her bags and left.

From his hospital bed he said: "I've got two penises but no wife, but I am hoping when I get rid of one of the penises I will get her back."

His testicles are intact and will be connected to what is actually his third penis when doctors are happy the operation was a success.

His story was this week featured on a German TV documentary called The Last Penis Operation.

Another Call with "Madison" Feb. 11th, 2005 @ 08:58 pm
Okay. By now you should realize that I have a severe crush on Madison. Talk about dangerous. I'm ready to hand over my credit cards to her right now or ask her hand in marriage... the fact I can't decide which should be a SEVERE WARNING to all callers. She will do more than entice you. You will be drawn to her like a moth to a flame.

See last Friday (a week ago) I came home from a date where I had a little touching and rubbing but nothing even close to feeding my desires. I came home and got online looking for Maddy. She was no where to be found. I ended up spending $100 for 4 hours of Lavalife time, which is always a little dismal. I got two decent phone sex sessions out of it, but that will be a different entry or not. I don't support the use of Lava life by phone because it tends to suck. And I believe that there are paid girls on there whose soul purpose is to keep guys on the line for as long as possible.

Anyway, I finally got a hold of Madison on Tuesday (Fat Tuesday... a time for sin).

She never knows what I want out of a call, which I can imagine is a bit frustrating. I've already admitted many times that I am all over the board. I don't have a single driving fantasy. Sometimes I want k9, othertimes I want incest, and yet other times I just want to chat nasty about sex. See, the pictures that Madison has on her site and profile show a woman begging to have her ass licked. At least that is how I see it and thus I crave her tight brown hole. I want to ram my tongue deep inside her as I finger her pussy. We went at it for awhile and I finally came.

This is where I normally give my thanks (YOU thank your PSO, right? If you aren't tipping, you better thank, preferably both, but I'm a cheap skate and work within a budget, so sadly no tips.) Madison wouldn't let me go. She wanted me to gear up for another round.

I didn't know if I could do it. She had drained me pretty thoroughly and admittedly, I had already shot a load earlier.

She asked me to finger my asshole. I was a little thrown off. I've done it before, but in a more controlled environment. Balancing the phone on my shoulder as I grabbed my cock and fingered my ass was a feat worthy of videotape (maybe next time).

We continued and my little girl was so delightfully nasty that I shot a messy wad. Ultra thick and not a lot of volume, but damn, it almost hurt blasting out of my cock.

I encourage anyone wanting real straightforward hot phonesex to contact Madison.

A Call with "Madison" Jan. 3rd, 2005 @ 06:02 pm
The holidays have put a damper on my phonesex opportunities, but lo and behold, there was Madison.

I had done a call with her before, but I didn't write it up and forgot most of the details.

One thing that you need to know right up front. Madison has one of the sweetest voices in the business. That so works for me.

We exchanged pleasantries and she asked what I wanted. I replied that I wanted a K9 slut. She was enthusiastic about it. She asked me if I wanted to see her sucking a dog's cock, licking and sucking at the dripping juices from its tip.

I moved from watching her with the dog to wanting to taste her sweet ass. I wanted to push my tongue into her asshole, licking and probing, she's so hot. I wanted her to be nasty, to be my nasty little girl and she responded by peeing on my face and my cock, her hot golden piss dribbling down my hard throbbing shaft.

This may not sound like a lot compared to my other calls with other PSOs, but she is so into it. I swear to god you could just have her describe how she makes coffee and you'll cum all over yourself.

The poor thing was a little sick when I called, so if you contact her, be kind to her, cuz even sick, I was spewing my cum like a madman. Imagine how nasty she can be fully healthy?

Catching Up Dec. 13th, 2004 @ 07:20 pm
So, I had another phone call will Slutty at Heart.

I can't begin to convey how hot it is to talk to this woman. Not very submissive, not very experienced in anything kinky, but god she loves to talk about it at length. She really forces me to delve into the purest depraved desires I have.

"Would you...?" she kept asking, adding more and more sexy details.

A Call with Sophie Dec. 13th, 2004 @ 05:49 pm
Sinsuous_Sophie enticed me to call her by being about the only person around in the Sweet Phone Sex room who seemed alive. She also had my favorite rate, $20 unlimited.

I didn't have a particular fantasy I wanted to enact, I was just feeling incredibly horny and needed to get off. I was bothered by her voice. It is one of those gravely deeper voices that doesn't cry out 'sexpot' to me. I was horny enough that it didn't matter. And what she lacked in voice appeal she made up in pure sex appeal. As most readers of this journal know, I like my phone sex nasty. The nastier the better. Sophie delivered on that account.

She asked what I was into. No matter how many times a PSO asked this, I suddenly get all shy like they've never heard my nasty taboo ideas before. I told her that I like incest, age play, and beastiality. She perked up at the mention of bestiality and began talking about how she really wanted to try that. She asked if I wanted to see some of the pictures she had regarding K9 sex. Of course I did. This was GREAT, an interesting little connection with the PSO I've only ever gotten once before. That was when I was with a regular with one PSO and we broke through the fantasy barrier and got to know each other on a personal level. This personal element to the conversation made it even hotter. It was suddenly easier to imagine her actually sucking a dog's cock.

As I started getting closer to cumming she asked if I was close. I figured she was looking at the clock because by this time I was over 20 minutes which means her rate was now under $1 per minute - not great for her. I told her I was real close and Sophie responded by telling me to stop. I was confused.

"Stop, but I'm so close."
"Draw it out... it'll feel better."
"You won't go through a lot of callers with that attitude."
"I don't care, I want you to have a great orgasm."

Hey, that's cool by me. I finally asked her if I could hear her cum. She gave a great fakey orgasm; it was enough to send me over the edge. God, what a delight.

Rating on a scale of 1 to 5... Sophie is a 3. A great backup, but don't expect to have your socks blown off. She is very industrious though, so pay attention to when she gets her website up and running. Panty fanciers will be in heaven and I have no doubt she will provide you with whatever your kinky little heart desires.

IM her for rates and payment methods.
Other entries
» Phone Sex Becoming More Popular
» A Call with "Kirsten"
xxxKinkyKirsten is a dream.

First, she totally lured me, which is a fucking turn on. It wasn't some trampy prostitute message of "Wanna have phone sex" but fun flirty messages which only heightened my arousal and desire to speak with a sexy voiced woman. Second, she has the most friendliest and welcoming voices I've heard in a long time. I felt like I've had a hundred conversations with her already, I felt so relaxed. Could be the alcohol, but I doubt it, she is just that way. I imagine everyone feels comfortable with her.

She asked what was on my dirty mind tonight and I wanted a little Daddy/Daughter action. I wanted a 16-17 year old daughter who came home from school to find me watching porn with my cock out. She quickly went about sucking it. She wanted me to teach her all the lessons of sex. She wanted to be my sweet little cunt that I used and I wanted to use her. I wanted her to become my whore, my sweet hole that others would use with my permission.

I licked her sweet cunt juice and fingered her, I broke her hymen and claimed her for my very own.
» Yahoo Experience
She is Slutty At Heart and on the phone. I have already established that when it comes to phone sex I am a complete freak and freely write about it in this journal.

Slutty (aka Rachael) apparently was reading my journal and had a need to talk to me. We chatted online for about an hour about sex, fantasies, and desires. She has some wild desires and some insane experiences I felt guilty even hearing about. That is between her and her priest, that's for sure.

Anyway, after an hour of online flirtation she asked if I would have phone sex with her. Of course I would. Isn't that what I'm all about? I asked what she wanted to talk about and she basically said she wanted to continue our online conversation but wanted to hear my voice.

We had been talking about taboo sex fantasies from k9 to incest. As well as age play and other role playing scenarios.

On the phone she was the sweetest coy women you'd ever run across. She really is just coming out of her shell sexually. While we didn't get as nasty as I would have liked, she was wonderfully explicit in regards to the things she had done and wants to do... let's just say that if I had a daughter, I'd keep her away from slutty. Yikes.

Still, as phone fantasy, hearing her talk about wanting to have sex with her non-existent daughter was fantastic.

I asked if we could speak again and she said she'd think about it.

God I love this journal.
» A Second Call with "Misty"
spicy_yummy_gal IM her on Yahoo for her rates and

I know my sister's secret. After going through her email, listening to her phone calls, I learned she was whoring herself. If she didn't want Mom and Dad to find out, she would have to do exactly what her little brother tells her to. She is reluctant and pissed, but she is trapped. I make her strip and then lie down on the bed. I run my hands along her body. I was so tired of stealing her panties, of secretly taking pictures of her. Now I have her. Now I can take pictures of her. Now I can be her pimp. She is all mine.

This was a hot call, great role playing. I cannot recommend Spicy enough. She has a truly perverse mind and can take you places in fantasy you never thought you'd be able to go. She is as hot as hell and once again, I was left wanting more. This was the second call I've had with her and as I said before, there is definately a star next to her name.
» A Call with "Autumn"

I had frustrating personal issues trying to pay for my time with Autumn, but I immediately forgot about them the minute I heard her voice. OMG, she has the sweetest, cutest voice ever! And she wasn't wasting anytime either. She immediately set up a little scenario of her wearing her skirt in Chicago without panties and the wind blows it up revealing her naked behind.

I come up behind her and drag her into an alleyway where I pull open her button up blouse and pull her titties out of her bra. I begin pulling and pinching at her nipples with one hand and stroking her pussy with the other. Eventually I force her to her knees and have her pull out my cock. Again, my hands firmly on her head I force her to suck on my hard cock until it is glistening with her spit. I even force it down her throat a few times for good measure.

Then I lift her up to her feet, turn her around and have her put her hands against the wall and spread her legs. Once again I feel her wet pussy with my hand and drop to my knees to suck at her precious juices. Licking her pussy and eventually her glorious asshole she begs me for my cock. I stand and thrust it into her. I fuck her hard and furious - her sounds as I did this were amazing. I could have cum just listening to her sex noises. My cock spasmed and my jism flew. I was hoping to give her a facial but she sounded so good and I was so in the moment I didn't want to break the vibe.

She's a high class phone fuck, that's for sure. And next time, I'm tapping that sweet ass of hers.
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