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Two Years - Journal of Phone Sex

About Two Years

Previous Entry Two Years Oct. 15th, 2009 @ 06:09 pm
I think the Golden Age of phone sex is over.

As I go over and over the different phone sex sites with so many women, the 'availability' indicators just aren't trustworthy. One girl on one site has been available for 72 hours straight. Possible? Yes. Probably. I have no idea. But good god that phone sex at the 70th hour must really suck.

Phonesex has sort of standardized on the $2.00 a minute rate, which I guess is fair, but only if the girl is really good. Most aren't. I don't know the right solution, but a PSO who cultivates a following will get a lot of money no matter how you cut it. I'm a keen supporter on the $20/30 minutes +tips method, but in these times maybe it needs to be $40/30 minutes +tips.

Tips need to be factored in and a clear easy process developed for the PSO to give tips. The fact of the matter is there are awesome PSOs, okay PSOs, and lame bored shouldn't be on the phone PSOs. I always want to tip the awesome ones, but not all are working within a system that allows tipping.

So here I am on the forks of a dilemma. Do I seek out phonesex from Nightflirt which is overly complex or do I believe the 72 hour available indicators? Honestly if I just had normal phone sex desires... "be a girl who likes to fuck" then no big deal, but when you are a person with specific desires, well, it matters.
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