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Journal of Phone Sex

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Two Years Oct. 15th, 2009 @ 06:09 pm
I think the Golden Age of phone sex is over.

As I go over and over the different phone sex sites with so many women, the 'availability' indicators just aren't trustworthy. One girl on one site has been available for 72 hours straight. Possible? Yes. Probably. I have no idea. But good god that phone sex at the 70th hour must really suck.

Phonesex has sort of standardized on the $2.00 a minute rate, which I guess is fair, but only if the girl is really good. Most aren't. I don't know the right solution, but a PSO who cultivates a following will get a lot of money no matter how you cut it. I'm a keen supporter on the $20/30 minutes +tips method, but in these times maybe it needs to be $40/30 minutes +tips.

Tips need to be factored in and a clear easy process developed for the PSO to give tips. The fact of the matter is there are awesome PSOs, okay PSOs, and lame bored shouldn't be on the phone PSOs. I always want to tip the awesome ones, but not all are working within a system that allows tipping.

So here I am on the forks of a dilemma. Do I seek out phonesex from Nightflirt which is overly complex or do I believe the 72 hour available indicators? Honestly if I just had normal phone sex desires... "be a girl who likes to fuck" then no big deal, but when you are a person with specific desires, well, it matters.

A Call with Melody Jan. 24th, 2007 @ 01:29 pm
So today I wasn't feeling as bold and perverted as I normally do, but I still wanted a PSO who looked capable of extremes. I selected Melody over at Bay City Blues for my call. I fully admit that the fact she was in the chatroom influenced me greatly. I still yearn for the days of yahoo chat where I could get a feel for a PSOs personality before arranging a call.

Melody is filled with energy. I was a bit afraid I was going to be too mellow for her. In the first few minutes we worked out a bit of roleplay. I was going to be her father and she was a 16 year old sexually naive but adventurous girl. She came home and caught me watching porn. This is where Melody stepped up and helped move the roleplay towards sex, which is the important aspect of a PSO, turning a mundane scene into something torrid.

I only bought a 20 minute call which was enough for a quick roleplay. I do prefer longer calls but I couldn't justify it.

By the end, my darling princess agreed to be daddy's little slut and to enjoy sex as much as possible - especially sex with her daddy.

A Call With Brynn Dec. 31st, 2006 @ 05:03 pm
I just got off the phone with Brynn and before I get into the specifics of the review, let me say that while I love standardization, I really hate the standardization of $1.99/minute phonesex. I understand this is mainly due to the backend systems costing so much, but I think that price turns phonesex into a casual weekly thing that I'd be willing to buy whenever to a more formal planned thing which is unfortunate.

I'll whine about the days of $20/30minutes via paypal some other day.

Getting connected with Brynn was a bit difficult. I had to go through a dispatcher and then attempt to get connected to Brynn. It took two tries for the dispatcher to get me connected. She was apologetic, but it was annoying.

Now I chose Brynn from all the girls on the site because she had the most taboo fantasies listed and her voice was the sexiest. Sure pictures may be hot, but it is all about the voice when you are on the phone.

I started with a violent kidnapping and rough fucking where I and a female accomplice turned Brynn into a complete sexual whore, forcing her to do the nastiest things. I then turned her into a doggieslut, putting a choke collar on her and making her choose between begging for doggie cock or air. She played with that well and I had my first orgasm.

We calmed down a bit, chatted very briefly, and went into a fantasy of a dad turning his little girl into a complete slut. This was a fantasy she was definitely comfortable with and went with it with great gusto. She knew where it was heading, as I turned her into the perfect cocksucker by making her practice on the dog.

I paid for a full hour, got three orgasms out of it, and felt overall the experience was a bit 'hollow' for the $99 but worth it if you really really need to get off.

The Importance of Phone Sex Oct. 8th, 2006 @ 12:24 pm
I can't honestly say that phonesex is important at all, but while some guys get off on strippers or porn, for me there is nothing better than being comfortable in my own home and listening to a woman with that perfect voice talk about fantasies one would never bring up with an actual lover. You know, there are some lines that once crossed you can't go back.

So here I am, realizing that now my reviews are more important than ever since finding good pso's has become even more difficult.

So much time has passed, so little phone sex Dec. 22nd, 2005 @ 10:26 pm
Sadly, I just haven't had the time to pursue my favorite erotic vice. I do have two women I can call now for free, but each and every call builds an odd relationship that I don't necessarily want. Something has to break.
Other entries
» Webcam Fun
I took up having people watch me jack off on the webcam. God it is hot. Men, women, I don't care. I love it.
» A Call With Dirty Cum Vixen
Found her here in Livejournal, dirtycumvixen rocked my world.

I've been casting about trying to figure out what to do about finding good PSOs and suddenly from out of the blue there is cumvixen.

Voice is critical. If you don't got the tone of voice for the job, please don't attempt Pay For Play phonesex. Honestly. Just stop it. Her voice was a ray of sexual heaven. Young sounding, energetic, and deeply interested in the sexy topic at hand. I avoided all my usual kinks and twists and stuck to the straight sensual phonesex, and she stuck with me all the way. Such a sensual mind, she really made me feel amazing about the experience.

I'm an ass man and she was an ass woman. She really wanted to play with mine. How could I say no when such a sexy voice asks if I want a finger inserted into my butthole? Well, I guess I could, but she had me so horny I would have done anything.

I currently have this thing about facials. I get off on the idea of painting some hot sexy slut's face with my cum and she was all for that. Damn, guys... gals... I don't know what her schedule is, but fix yours so you can spend a little time with this cum vixen. You won't regret it.
» (No Subject)
I watched Punch Drunk Love and was disappointed. More to the point though, it portrays phone sex operators in the worst possible way. Phone sex operators are easy targets to make fun of or to villainize, because there are situations like this:

DR. WALLACE: My 15-year-old brother had to stay with my husband and me for a week while my parents went out of town. Kevin is an honors student and a "good kid," so we were glad to have him for a visit - that is until we received our telephone bill. It seems that Little Brother had been calling a porn line and discussing sex with a young lady who did everything possible to keep him on the line so her "company" would get more money. In six days, he made 14 calls for a total bill of $400. There is little chance that my parents can afford this amount of money and, of course, neither can my brother.

I called the phone company and explained that our underage brother was responsible for the calls, but they said it didn't matter who made the calls; we were responsible for the bill. We can pay it, but it will put a crimp in our budget. Since I know for sure that my parents can't pay for my brother's misadventure, should I even bother to inform them? All my brother had to say was, "Sorry, it won't happen again." I'm sure it won't!

- Sister, Oakland, Calif..

SISTER: Tell your parents what happened and show them the phone bill. Let them know that you and your husband will pay the bill, but that you expect your brother to reimburse you by working odd jobs and paying you a percentage of his earnings on a regular basis. Tell them you expect full payment even if it takes several years. And be sure to share this exciting news with your brother.

The thing is, I've only run into a few "corrupt" phone sex operators, the type who overcharge credit cards or think they can use the credit card to make a small purchase. All three of those instances occurred by calling services from the back of adult magazines or at the beginning of porn. I've never had a problem with operators I've come across online. I think the difference is between the how and why someone comes to doing this as a money earning job.
» Yahoo
So, Yahoo dumps the user created chatrooms and suddenly the great wealth of phone sex operators and horny housewives that were once available to me have dried up.

When a man has a need, he finds a way, but I hate calling blind.
» Too Busy to Call
I've been far too busy to keep up with calling PSOs. I have wasted a few hundred dollars on LavaLife. I can't believe I keep calling that service but there is something about the potential of finding a longterm phonesex partner that intrigues me.

I had a good call the other day with a woman by the name of Loretta who is 28 and a virgin who wants to remain a virgin until her wedding. But she assured me that once married she'll be a super slut for her husband. We had a long roleplay where I played a Mormon singer that she has a crush on who happens to also be a virgin. Okay, here is my #1 problem with this. I'm paying for the time, she isn't, so why is it her lame ass fantasy we are playing out. I don't have any love of virgins, in fact I wouldn't be with one if I could avoid it. I like women with skills.

LavaLife is also a haven for prostitutes. You can immediately tell who is a prostitute and who isn't because all of them tell you their measurements. When there is one out of ten on the line, it is just a nuisance, when five of the ten online are prostitutes, it is gross. Again, *I'M* paying to hear THEIR ads. I would have less of a probelm if actual PSOs were calling in instead of prostitutes. Sometimes I may get horny enough to contemplate getting a whore, but $200 for the disease risks and potential of being robbed - no thanks.
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