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Too Busy to Call - Journal of Phone Sex

About Too Busy to Call

Previous Entry Too Busy to Call Mar. 14th, 2005 @ 12:43 pm Next Entry
I've been far too busy to keep up with calling PSOs. I have wasted a few hundred dollars on LavaLife. I can't believe I keep calling that service but there is something about the potential of finding a longterm phonesex partner that intrigues me.

I had a good call the other day with a woman by the name of Loretta who is 28 and a virgin who wants to remain a virgin until her wedding. But she assured me that once married she'll be a super slut for her husband. We had a long roleplay where I played a Mormon singer that she has a crush on who happens to also be a virgin. Okay, here is my #1 problem with this. I'm paying for the time, she isn't, so why is it her lame ass fantasy we are playing out. I don't have any love of virgins, in fact I wouldn't be with one if I could avoid it. I like women with skills.

LavaLife is also a haven for prostitutes. You can immediately tell who is a prostitute and who isn't because all of them tell you their measurements. When there is one out of ten on the line, it is just a nuisance, when five of the ten online are prostitutes, it is gross. Again, *I'M* paying to hear THEIR ads. I would have less of a probelm if actual PSOs were calling in instead of prostitutes. Sometimes I may get horny enough to contemplate getting a whore, but $200 for the disease risks and potential of being robbed - no thanks.
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