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A Call With Brynn - Journal of Phone Sex

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Date:January 1st, 2007 05:18 pm (UTC)

Re: Interesting...

I have spoken with some truly kinky people. I don't just engage in phonesex with PSOs but there are regular women who want phonesex as well.

As you see from my fantasies, from k9 to incest, ageplay and abuse, these are atypical to the average woman. Well, ageplay isn't as I have found overtime. Anyway, the point is it is common to find a PSO who truly gets off on these things but harder and much rarer to find someone who has actually done it.

As an example, I had one pso who kept the persona of a person who has does these things for real. That is what is hot. Keeping the veil of the fantasy up. Now I have run into PSOs where after the veil has dropped we do chat about the things we have done which sometimes runs into some of my perversions. Knowing the real personal experiences does enhance the experience and finding someone who actively participates in all my perversions would be a bit frightening - but intriguing.

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